SF Weekly Premier: Female Rapper, Tia Nomore, Drops Debut EP, #Holloween


Posted By Jessie Schiewe on Fri, Dec 18, 2015 at 10:00 AM

  • Lauren Crew Photography
  • Tia Nomore's got that Oakland swag.

If you haven't heard of Oakland rapper Tia Nomore, it's okay. Even though she's been rapping since the age of 17, she hasn't released any legit, not-recorded-in-her-bedroom slaps...until now. Today marks the day of her first official release, the three-track EP, #Holloween, which is a precursor to her January-slated debut album of the same name. "It's basically all my favorite hits from the album that I feel anyone can vibe with," the 21-year-old told me over the phone, adding that she'd call her EP "an album teaser." Regardless of the fact that we'll hear these same three songs again in a month, the point still remains: this is Tia's"first serious collection of work." And, boy, does it bang. 

The EP and album were recorded in an Oakland studio (a.k.a. "the dojo") over the last year-and-a-half. She said she learned the arts of mixing and mastering for the projects — a big deal considering that before she "knew nothing, just how to record and upload on my laptop"— and the whole process has been very "hands on."

But enough of the production, let's talk about the EP, which All Shook Down was lucky enough to get the green light to premiere. Three things you should know about Tia are that she's got a crisp, pointed voice, a whole lot of 'tude, and the ability to spit fast. If #Holloween is any indication, she's got a penchant for slightly dark and sinister instrumentals and a whole lotta love for synths (we don't blame her). She throws out references to Mac Dre and the East Bay in her lyrics and reps females hard. "As far as rapping, I rap for females," she said. "I don't rap for men. I'm all about the empowerment of women and their inclusion in music. I just kinda strip that shit down." 

It's too soon to say exactly how she does this, but the fact that she aims to speak for females and give them a voice in her music is reason enough for us to applaud her. You go, girl. Can't wait to hear the full album in January, but in the meantime, we'll be bumping this.